What makes a great team in real estate?

Ask almost anyone in the industry and they’ll say that good real estate is built on relationships. It’s these relationships that turn into the buyers and sellers that fuel your business. 

Another perspective on relationship building is the work that goes into building a real estate team. It’s not for everyone and don’t get us wrong, it can be really tricky to find the right fit, but partnering up to create a team can be a great way to grow your business, expand your reach and strengthen your skillset. This blog explores what makes a great real estate team and chats with a handful of some of the successful teams in our business on what makes it work for them, the best bits, the challenges and advice for anyone thinking about building a partnership.

Marty Hall and Heather Lanting have a real estate career that spans over 58 years combined. When asked about what makes their team work, their answer was simple. Marty shared, “We have complementary skills. Heather has skills and attributes that I just don’t have – and as such, she successfully runs parts of our business that I just couldn’t manage in the same way. And the same is said vice versa. We’ve worked together a long time and our success and longevity in the industry are hinged, in part, on our paired abilities to deliver a great service for our customers.”

Moving from a decades-old partnership to one that was formed just this year, Desiree Tod and Bianca O’Dea are part of our Ray White Takapuna office. Bianca and Desiree formed an easy friendship shortly after Desiree joined the Takapuna office earlier this year. They both live and work in the same area and after spending some time together, they learned that they have different strengths that when combined, make a stronger pairing. Bianca says, “We’ve found that one of us motivates the other when we need it. It’s been amazing to have someone to have a laugh with, bounce ideas off and even better, execute on them. We signed our first listing after being together for just three days so it feels like we’ve got our formula right.”

Bianca O'Dea and Desiree Tod
Bianca O’Dea and Desiree Tod for Ray White Takapuna

Tristan Young and Dayna Pert, part of our Ponsonby team, have great insight on how a successful team can work. Having met as friends first (Tristan has long been friends with Dayna’s fiance) they knew each other well enough early on to understand each other’s personalities. Tristan shares, “Our partnership all started when I went to appraise the home they shared together. Dayna was after a change, having been part of a high-stress business for the last 6 years, and she was really interested in real estate. From the questions she asked, the way she positioned her future plans and what she wanted from a career, I quickly knew that Dayna had the right attitude and approach to real estate to fit my business.”

Tristan had a team member in another life and it turned out to be a terrible experience. Because of this, Tristan knew exactly what he wanted in a Sales Associate – someone who was really committed and passionate about both the industry as well as growing a business together.

Once you know, you know – Dayna joined Tristan’s team very shortly after and even got to support on the sale of her fiance’s home.

When we asked Tristan and Dayna about what makes them work together so well, Tristan said, “Understanding each other’s communication style is key. Communicating is one thing but the delivery of it is even more important – you have to understand each other’s styles to really work together collaboratively and build professional trust. What I really like about how we work is that Dayna moves as fast as I do, but with the added extra of knowing when to slow me down (for the right reasons!) versus holding me up”. Tristan also comments that forming a partnership is expensive both from a financial and time perspective. On this Dayna adds, “The time and money you spend to get your license is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s the hours of training and support that comes after is the real commitment and Tristan has really supported me to get to where I want to be”. 

Tristan Young and Dayna Pert

Tristan’s advice to someone thinking of starting or joining a team? “You really need to know what you want out of the partnership, what you’re looking for, what you plan to achieve and what each person’s role and responsibilities are. And above all else, this needs to be really transparent. If you’re not clear and honest with each other, things can very quickly go wrong.”

Are you part of a team or thinking of joining one? We’d love to hear your advice! Get in touch with the team.

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