Welcome to the team at Ray White Takapuna.

A change of ownership can be challenging to ensure a seamless transition of responsibilities and leadership. Throw in the restrictions of a Level-4 Lockdown, and that transition has the potential to blow out into something a lot more complex.


A smooth transition

When the team at Ray White Takapuna recently came under the umbrella of Ray White Damerell Group, the parent company initiated a tried-and-tested, well-thought-out strategy. This has not only resulted in a smooth transition, but has also enabled the existing business to continue to run at near 100% of normal capacity, says Jacki Lane, Sales Director at Ray White Takapuna.

“When we moved into Level-4 Lockdown, the Takapuna Team was still very much in the learning stages of how Damerell Group operated. With our sales team disbanded to their household bubbles, our initial introduction to the daily dose of ‘Google Hangouts’ was a little intense,” says Lane. “However, this only lasted a couple of days, as we very quickly understood the enormous value and benefits ‘hanging out’ added to our sales team and being part of the Damerell Group.

With the absence of face-to-face opportunities with the sales and support team, Lane says she and her team have had to rely heavily on Damerell Group’s marketing department, but that hasn’t been a problem.

“The speed of execution for digital initiatives in Level 4 continues to impress. I’m not sure there are many other real estate businesses out there that have their very own marketing store! Social media tiles, digital news, and online live auctions are all making us feel slightly spoiled.”


Thrive, not survive

Ryan Neal, one of Ray White Takapuna’s top-performing salespeople, has found the support from Damerell Group has allowed his business not only to keep operating but to thrive. In the second week of Level-4 Lockdown, Ryan achieved 27 appraisals, all organically obtained – and not from his existing database.

“Twenty-seven appraisals in any week, let alone during Level-4, is a lot to manage,” says Ryan. “The support of the marketing team, along with Damerell Group’s fantastic online appraisal document-builder, has made it possible for myself and my team to create professional documents to send to clients whilst working from home.”

Ryan has also secured the contract for an $18-million development. With the amount of legal documentation associated with large-scale developments, he says he has found the support of the Damerell Group’s extensive in-house contracts and compliance team invaluable. “The compliance team has been amazing. They have overseen all the AML requirements and legal documentation. It’s great for all parties to have that extra layer of support, which allows me to perform my role with great confidence that all parties are compliant and protected.”


Training to and support

Another of Ray White Takapuna’s high-performing salespeople, Natasha Wiseman, has found the extra support and training on offer a real step-up. While this additional training is optional, Natasha sees the benefit of sharing ideas, even for the most highly motivated salespeople – especially when looking for new and innovative ways of lead generation and operating her business under Level 4.

An example of this online motivational training was the engagement of internationally renowned speaker, trainer and real estate coach Josh Phegan to present to the team during Level 4 via video conference. For Natasha, these training sessions with the team, plus the daily Google Hangouts, have helped her feel ‘connected’ – “It’s like I am still in the office, even though I am working from home, and that makes a huge difference to running my business.”

“Because people are at home, there is a much more engaged audience of buyers and sellers who are looking to transact properties,” she says. “There is still a large pool of buyers active in the Auckland market who don’t want to miss out on properties. With purchasers looking to transact properties ‘sight unseen’, it has been absolutely invaluable to have the in-house compliance team on hand to give both purchasers and buyers confidence in these transactions.”


Find your tribe

Lane says that simply using the word ‘support’ to describe the help Damerell Group has provided for her and her team isn’t enough. It’s like a ‘catch-all’ of everything that takes place behind the scenes. The little things are the big things – like being allocated a ‘buddy’ during Level 4, who checks in and looks out for you. Then there’s the leadership team, who have gone above and beyond to connect with team members daily. The creation of engaging internal competitions for the sales team have provided light relief. And the support team (honestly, you’d think it was a cast of thousands) work at a feverish pace carrying out all the activities to ensure the success of the Group.

“The sheer volume and calibre of training offered, from both inside and outside the business, has been outstanding,” says Lane. “Structure is such an important part of our everyday lives, so having a Google calendar full of ‘hangouts’ has provided a great routine, a real sense of community, and dare I say, belonging. What do I love best about being part of Damerell Group? There is a real sense of freedom to express your own sense of identity and individuality in a safe and supportive environment. This is where I belong. I’ve found my tribe!”

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