Having the support of a high-performance team means you can go further. We invest in leadership, marketing, compliance, contracts and admin talent to ensure your business succeeds.


With you all the way

Supporting you to succeed

Leadership means being supportive, collaborative and investing time in our people to build a culture of success. We work with our people to set goals, challenge the ‘norm’ and innovate to give our teams and our clients the experience possible. 

Our managers don’t work on day-to-day sales transactions, so are able to dedicate their expertise to help your business grow.

With an experienced marketing, administration, finance and compliance team working behind our salespeople, you know that you’re getting the best support to succeed. 


Doing it smarter

Always a step ahead

Technology is always changing, and at Ray White Damerell Group we want our people to stay one step ahead of the competition. This is why we bring in a range of industry and external experts to help you achieve your best, whether you’re brand new to the industry or have decades of experience. We believe in total transparency within our team, supported by technology, databases and platforms that work.

With our comprehensive onboarding process, you’ll be running your business smarter in no time.


Make an impact

Build your own brand with ours right behind you

Marketing has come a long way from sticking up a signboard and hoping the house sells. Our salespeople get timely and practical support from a team of expert in-house marketers committed to helping them succeed. From innovative digital campaigns to our unique quarterly magazine, our marketing works to help our team sell properties and grow their business.

Ray White are one of New Zealand’s most-recognised real estate brands, so it makes perfect sense to use the power of a strong brand to help build your own.

Compliance & Contracts

We've got you covered

Getting things right for your clients, and for you

Selling property is a serious business. Ray White Damerell Group want to make sure our salespeople are doing the best job for their clients and meeting all their legal and ethical obligations.

With an in-house compliance team to help with all your paperwork, contracts and compliance work, we’re here to support you every step of the way.


Driving the best outcome

On Game Day you want to get a winning result, so we use the best

The value of a property is often built in the auction room, and a good auctioneer is critical to that success.

With one of New Zealand’s best auctioneers putting buyers and sellers at ease, as well as our own auction rooms, we’re here to support you at the most critical part of the sales process.