Contracts & Compliance

Our contracts and compliance team ensure we are setting the industry benchmark for what both vendors and purchasers can expect from our licensed salespeople

Setting the industry benchmark

Real Estate legislation and disclosure requirements have become much more complex and detailed over the past 10 years. This is why Ray White Damerell Group have established one of the largest Real Estate Contracts & Compliance teams in New Zealand.

The team current consist of five highly qualified members holding various qualifications, including Law and Property Degrees, Agent’s Licensee and Brand Manager Licensee. Every salesperson at Damerell Group is assigned their own Contracts & Compliance Manager and Administrator, who is responsible for all of that salesperson’s compliance requirements.

This starts from when the salesperson does an appraisal, continues through the process of checking all the AML requirements and agency agreement, and then completing a thorough review of new listings – which includes drafting all relevant clauses and disclosures to make sure that Ray White Damerell Group are representing the property correctly to the marketplace. The Compliance team then work with the vendor’s solicitor to draft a sales & purchase agreement that protects the vendor with the sale of their property.

Because every sale and purchase agreement is unique, with different clauses, conditions and potential issues, our team works closely with vendors and solicitors, making sure everything is captured accurately for each individual property.

This creates an environment where salespeople can market and advertise property safely, making disclosures in a manner that adds positive value to a property, while knowing that their careers aren’t on the line.

Although the contracts and compliance team work behind the scenes ensuring everything goes smoothly, they are a key part of our entire sales process, and a huge support to the entire team at Ray White Damerell Group. 

When one of our agents signs up an agency agreement, drafts a clause, or works through a sale-and-purchase agreement, we have a safety net that sits below all those activities, through our in-house compliance team.’
Claire Lugton
Chief Operations Officer

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