Just as every home is unique, so too is how Ray White Damerell Group sells each one. We’re auction leaders in our areas and take the time to work with each vendor and each property to find out what will achieve the best result.

Working with the best to get results.

Our auctioneer, Daniel Coulson, has worked on behalf of over 8,000 owners and has achieved over $4.5 billion of sales – meaning he has an in-depth understanding of real estate fundamentals and auction psychology. Daniel has been recognised three times as the number one auctioneer in New Zealand and twice as the number one auctioneer in Australasia, so you can be sure your property is in the best hands.

“The ones you remember are where the house sells for a lot more than the vendors were expecting, which is exciting. I’ve had properties sell for more than a million dollars above the reserve. When you put a million dollars more on the table than someone thought they would get, it is so big it’s hard for people to comprehend.”

Daniel Coulson – Ray White NZ Chief Operating Officer

Our auction rooms:

The Sapphire room
Upstairs at Ponsonby Central
Auctions start at 5:30pm every Wednesday night
Set up starts at 5pm

“We only have one chance to represent our clients’ property. We don’t leave anything to chance.”
Daniel Coulson – Ray White NZ Chief Operating Officer

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