Dolly Lata Birkenhead Point salesperson

International Women’s Day 2022

As we close off Fab Feb for another year, our celebration of all things diversity, inclusion, and the rainbow community, International Women’s Day could not land at a better time. Whilst it is a changing world, it’s still pretty tough to find an industry or business that shows true gender diversity. The real estate industry can be both extremely rewarding and challenging – and we have a true mix of individuals making it their own. We have a huge number of women of all ages, and backgrounds, work with us at Damerell Group – and we’re very proud of it. 

For this year’s International Women’s Day we’re celebrating what makes women perfect for real estate – from balancing work and family life, to being empathetic, good negotiators and excellent communicators. Here are some great words of wisdom from just a handful of our female real estate trailblazers.

Natasha Wiseman Sales person in Takapuna

Natasha, salesperson in our Takapuna team

I love proving my competition wrong, having empathy and patience is an advantage in real estate.

Charlotte, salesperson in our Grey Lynn team
Working in real estate means there isn’t a glass ceiling – you get out what you put in. People really look at you on your merit, skill and knowledge. What I love is that there is no sexism in the industry; you are defined by what you achieve and it has been like this in the real estate industry for a long time.

Charlotte Kofoed Ray White Grey Lynn salesperson
Jan George Ray White Ponsonby sales person

Jan, salesperson in our Ponsonby team

What’s great is that there isn’t sexism as there can be in other industries. As Simon Damerell once said, age was one thing that was actually an advantage – who wouldn’t want to put their biggest asset into the hands of someone with decades of experience. The same thing applies to women. It is an emotional business – selling or buying houses – and women perhaps have more empathy with people during emotional situations, which helps.  You also have to be a good negotiator, and that is something that women naturally do all the time.

Jerrica, Chief Marketing Officer

This is the first industry I’ve worked in, and business I’ve worked for, where I haven’t felt like my gender could define my success. To be surrounded by such a wider array of high-performers, and to share the leadership bench with some of these women, has been a massive career highlight for me. I love that Damerell Group celebrates everyone’s unique contribution to the team, no matter where you’re from, your age, gender, or anything else in between. 

Chloe, salesperson in our Ponsonby team

Selling property is a privilege, it’s about connecting with and understanding people. It’s exciting, addictive.

Claire, Chief Operations Officer

It’s great to work in real estate company where the number of women on It’s great to work in real estate company where the number of women on the Leadership Team out number the men, and for an industry where there are often as many women as men in the top performing roles. And an addition to this, the real estate industry is one where both men and women have the abiity to earn the same income.

Dolly, salesperson in our Birkenhead Point team

I embarked on a career in real estate to gain financial independence for myself and my young daughter. There’s no doubt that it’s a tough industry, but the job comes with its own rewards and there’s simply no better feeling than when your clients, be they sellers or buyers, walk away happy with the service you’ve provided and excited about the next step in their lives.

Many people don’t realise the scale of the background work that a career in real estate requires, in addition to needing to be able to relate to people from all different walks of life, different nationalities, different personalities, and different reasons for selling. All of these things make it necessary to juggle your lifestyle and be extremely flexible. 

Having a child, I am certainly used to organising and planning, and these skills are a definite bonus when I’m essentially available 24/7 and need to schedule time out to enjoy with my daughter, family, and friends. This can be easier said than done, but I try to put aside quality time as opposed to quantity and plan day trips or a few days away somewhere new, a mother-daughter mani-pedi, or just relaxing and watching a good movie together.

I feel women are well suited to real estate as so many of us are naturally nurturing and able to empathise – these are essential traits when you are helping both sellers and buyers during an often stressful and emotional time in their lives.

All in all, it’s a crazy career in a crazy industry! As a female, I see many upsides and just as many downsides, but if you have a great work ethic and are willing to go the extra mile, are a genuine person who is open and honest, then this just might be the career for you!

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