Damerell Group Nurture Programme

Introducing the Damerell Group Nurture Programme

The Damerell Group Nurture Programme was born out of one of our biggest projects to date – how much missed opportunity do we have in our business? The definition of a missed opportunity was a property owner in our database that we didn’t appraise their property, and therefore didn’t get their sale. We can’t give away trade secrets but let me tell you that when we tallied up the missed opportunities across our business from the last 12 months, it amounted to an eye-watering sum.

So, the next step was to ask ‘why’? Why do we miss opportunities if they are contacts we have worked hard to get into our database? The answer was actually frighteningly simple – regular engagement is critical. We could see from our data that those salespeople who had more regular content with their property owner database missed less opportunities. It’s this insight that led us to create the Damerell Group Nurture Programme.

The DG Nurture Programme enables our sales team to deliver consistent communications to their medium to long-term pipeline by using our nurture centre (like a contact centre, but better), whilst freeing up time to focus on their short-term pipeline and dollar-productive activity.

The Nurture Programme’s key features are:

  • Quarterly property database audits for each salesperson, identifying their areas of opportunity
  • Data sessions with the Marketing team to identify the best property owners to feed their long-term pipeline
  • The creation of customised call scripts for each salesperson
  • Call shift mapping based on each salesperson’s upcoming schedule – with quarterly call cycles booked for consistent and regular communication
  • Quarterly custom report on call results and missed opportunity tracker

The above nicely feeds into our existing communications programme that we have which includes weekly latest listings email newsletters, monthly market updates for 30+ Auckland suburbs, and our ‘piece de resistance’ – The Quarterly, which is our unique lifestyle and property insight print magazine that is loaded with local market stats for over 80+ Auckland suburbs. The Quarterly is personalised to the salesperson and the homeowner, as well as the suburb in which they live.

You know what’s even better? All of this is provided as a standard service when you’re part of the Damerell Group team. We’re confident that this programme is going to move the dial for our sales team by saving them significant time, money and resource on nurturing their database. This means they can focus on driving buyers through their current stock, and closing what we term “now business” – activity that has never been more crucial in the current market.

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